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Juices were reviewed on the QualityCoder show on in the CloudNetwork channel.
Wednesday nights, 8p-10p CST

Holy Grail Elixir

The price is $12.00 for 15ml


Let me take you down because I’m going to vape this creamy custard infused with strawberries which is quite real. You will close your eyes, let the sweet, velvety flavor caress every taste bud as it rolls around inside your mouth and let the taste take you on a Magical Mystery Tour. Silky sweet custard will help you turn off your mind and float downstream into the blissfulness inside your mouth.

So creamy you want to roll it around on your tongue savoring each lingering flavor as your head tries to make sense of what’s going on in your mouth. Nothing else like it exists except in dreams. Is it the graham crackers and milk you had as a kid watching cartoons, or is it the salted caramel ice cream you eat now? Or is that a rich Bavarian cream covering a rich flavorful cheesecake? Whatever it is, you want more.

You wake up to the smell of blueberry waffles. Eyes still closed, you take another deep breath to enjoy the sweet smell, while you stretch your arms and legs to get ready to saunter into the kitchen. Thoughts of warm, waffles dripping with butter and hot maple syrup, covered in fresh, plump blueberries fill your head. You are not disappointed.

A Triple Berry sweetness will shock your mouth as it surges with flavor like some fruity candy memory from your childhood. Wait, you’ll think. I know what this is! Another taste and you are immediately transported to a hot summer day when a trip to the corner store would mean buying that candy that after one bite would gush sugary syrupiness on your tongue. Yes. That’s it. You remember now. And you want more.

Hot summer days require crisp cool tastes to revive and freshen your mouth. Cucumber crisp with a hint of mint are like a cool breath of iciness. You want to inhale and gulp in the burst of icy blast in your mouth as if you were sucking on an amazingly minty ice cube.

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