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5 Juices From Highbrow Vapor


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Juices were reviewed on the QualityCoder show on in the CloudNetwork channel.
Wednesday nights, 8p-10p CST

Highbrow Vapor

The price is $15.00 for 30ml


Strawberry Lemonade
The wait is finally over! One of our most popular flavor requests is finally coming to fruition just in time for the summer. Since we grow copious amounts of citrus in our region and California as a whole is the largest producer of fresh strawberries in the world it seemed only natural to combine the two flavors. There is not a single beverage that quenches one's thirst on a hot summer day quite like a refreshing glass of strawberry lemonade. The resulting months of testing has produced a tangy and slightly sweet treat that is as close to the real thing as we can achieve. What awaits you is a delightful combination of our popular limoncello flavor infused with locally grown sweet strawberry flavor extractions. If you enjoy Highbrow fruit flavors this is sure to impress!

Green Tea
Unlike traditional black tea, green tea is dried and not fermented giving it a lighter flavor despite originating from the same plant. While all green teas have different flavors they all have a common underlying taste. We extract our particular green tea flavor from a loose leaf white lilac green tea blend yielding a delicate yet light floral note. We then combine the extraction with subtle vanilla notes and a hint of sweetness to smooth out its overall aroma and flavor. The result is a wonderful juice both bright and brisk that will be sure to please even the most discerning tea drinkers.

A summer treat can no doubt make winter blues disappear. Our natural watermelon flavor is both crisp and clean with a slightly sweet taste on inhale that is refreshing and smooth. The true ripe watermelon flavor abounds on exhale and stays true to its flavor with its aftertaste. If you desire a more candied version of this flavor we can easily accommodate your tastes.

Cappuccino Diablo
Highbrow Vapor's take on the rich and robust coffee favorite. Creamy, smooth, and not bitter in the slightest, you will thoroughly enjoy this vape in the morning as well as the evening. Slightly sweetened in its natural state, we stay true to form in our version as well. If you prefer a little cream flavoring or extra sweetening be sure to include your request in the checkout box.

A wonderful combination of mascarpone, espresso, and bitter chocolate overflow from this delicious desert vapor on initial taste. Our version, while rich in flavor is not overwhelmingly sweet. As this famous Italian dessert nickname would suggest, our "lady fingers" flavor leaves a "delicate" aftertaste of vanilla and espresso undertones.

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